That sneaky voice that creeps up on you

As I am studying and finalising the website I am challenged by that sneaky voice that creeps in to tell me I can't do this, why am I doing this, who am I to do this!

The one that as I am working on an assignment I hear say "You will never be a counsellor!".

Instead of allowing that voice to grow I would say No and continue on with my work.

Eventually one day it was just too hard and the Global connect was embraced - I sent a message saying - "Today has been a search my heart day and a few things pop up but the one that I need freedom of now is a memory that keeps cropping up as I study... Before Jesus came in and changed my life at 26, I did a Lifeline course and near the end of the training, the facilitator of our group told me "you will never be a counsellor" - True as, verbatim.  These words creep in, unconsciously and without warning and I want them gone!   I think it's one of the things stopping me from boldly and courageously stepping forward.  love you guys"

I will not let the enemy wear me down, I will not let him be victorious in what Jesus has already victoriously given me.

I tried to do it alone, sometimes God and I work through these things great, but sometimes I need to reach out. I promise you once the lie was revealed, out in the light - it lost its grip.  I know the truth, I know this is something God has equipped me in, as it's something I've done for years and now it is being refined, built up and I'll be getting the piece of paper.

The whisper stopped and the lie that somewhere my soul had chosen to hold on to was released!   I am about to launch the webpage, register the business and I am studying away, loving it!

Isaiah 52:2 Shake off your dust; rise up..... Free yourself from the chains on your neck.

These words once again, spoke clearly, for the battle in the mind, those thoughts we ponder on and feed can overcome us - we need to dust them and be free.

Let us be pondering, feeding our thoughts and overcoming the battle in our mind with His promises, His love, His grace and His mercy.

Chat soon


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