Where did November go?

Making the decision to take the next step in starting my life coaching business was done and then it feels like December arrived.

We were traveling, seeing family and working in the South of England.  From there my hubby went back to our flat in Scotland and I flew home to our girls and house in Perth, Australia.

I have been meeting up with and connecting with loved ones and delighting in being home, where it's warm, where the girls have their own routine and enjoy me being in their space.   Home where the dog keeps you on your toes with walks, fun and cuddles.

I have had a photo shoot for the business, I have been looking at my book with all my notes, ideas and thoughts in, looking.  I have chatted with one person about website ideas and logo's but nothing finalised.  It's been absolutely wonderful but really, where did you go November?

My  hubby will be home in a few days where we will holiday together, embrace the silly season of family, friends, shopping, eating, sun and fun.

Beginning of January we will make our way back to the United Kingdom, visiting family and finding our way back up to Scotland to continue the adventures and getting Life Coach Natasha up and running.

I hope and pray you all have a wonderful holiday season, that Christmas is a time of love, sharing, giving, celebration and thankfulness in remembering that Jesus was born to our world, to meet us where we are at.

Blessings and chat soon.


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